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Legal Notice

This material is not intended to be an offer to sell, or a request to make a purchase.Its aim is to give an initial introduction to the development.

The designs, representations, graphic materials, plans, specifications, terms, conditions and statements contained in this brochure only represent a proposal, and the developer reserves the right to modify, revise or withdraw any or all of the elements of the development at its discretion and without prior notice.All improvements to designs or constructions will first be subject to obtaining the corresponding permits and approvals.These drawings and representations are only conceptual.They do not represent, expressly or implicitly, the final details of the residences or the condominium.

The developer expressly reserves the right to make any modifications, revisions and changes that it deems desirable at its absolute and exclusive discretion.Dimensions and areas are approximate and may vary with the actual construction.The developer also states that this is the First Construction Phase, and the final objective, within the commercial objectives, if met, is the development of approximately four additional phases, near the development area where the First Phase will be built.All representations of technical equipment, furniture, floor coverings and other details, including, but without limitation, finishings and decorations, are only conceptual and will not be necessarily included in each unit.The resources contained in this commercial material may be existing materials or they may have been collected from some source and used to represent the spirit of the lifestyles to be achieved or proposed, but these concepts are merely descriptive.

The development's graphics, representations and text provided here are copyrighted works owned by the developer.All rights reserved.Reproduction, display or other unauthorized disclosure of such materials is strictly prohibited and constitutes copyright infringement.No real estate broker or agent is authorized to make changes or other statements regarding the development, and under no circumstances may the deposits paid or other arrangements made with any real estate broker be binding for the developer.All prices are subject to change at any time without notice and do not include optional features or bonuses for upgraded units.Over time, price changes may have occurred that have not yet been reflected in the material.Check with the company for the most up-to-date information on the development.